Hong Kong Street Art…

Throughout the narrow streets of Central, Hong Kong, common city surroundings are transformed by vibrant wall murals illustrating an intense passion for art.

These artists, both international and local, have given the entertainment and cultural precinct of Soho, an energy of its own. This energetic city provide guided street art walking tours, which give insight and exposure to the individual artists.

Each year in March a festival is held by HK Walls where artistic designs are showcased throughout the city. HK Walls is a non-profit organisation that encourages local and international artists to express their creativity and original artwork through street art and street culture.

These talented artists and their masterpieces elevate street art to a new level in Hong Kong. Make sure to check out Hong Kong street art if you ever get the chance.



Alex Croft, local graffiti artist, has his mural of colourful townhouses on display in Central. This Instagram worthy shot attracts many photographers, locals and tourists, patiently waiting to capture that perfect photo.


The pastel portrait of the woman with the floral headpiece, is another popular masterpiece by the local team of Elsa Jeandedieu, consisting of three talented ladies.


The eclectic and “foodie haven” of Gough Street, is where you will discover this mural, painted between trendy cafes.


“I hope one day you’ll join us and the world will be as one” John Legend
Simple messages are expressed though extraordinary artwork such as these.


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35 thoughts on “Hong Kong Street Art…

  1. Wonderful blogpost! Love the photo of the Gough Street mural with the people dining in the foreground. Great to see such a creative and vibrant street art scene in Hong Kong. – Neek

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  2. I am a passionate lover of murals and Hong Kong seems to be a perfect place to explore for every street art fan. I guess I’ll have to add Hong Kong to my bucket list right after reading your post, Lorelle! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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