Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Coffee Conversations…

Friendly Friday photo challenge hosted at Something to Ponder About and The Sandy Chronicles, delivers the theme “Coffee Conversations” this week.

Ahhhh, the humble cup of coffee, and that all important start to the day. Also for me, a great way for socialising and spending time with family or friends.

Here in Melbourne, we are very spoilt for choice with the availability and quality of coffee choices. But somehow returning back to Italy, this Mediterranean province always sets the precedence to this popular worldwide beverage.

You just can’t beat an Italian espresso or cappuccino.

“Prendiamo un caffe”…. Lets get a coffee πŸ™‚

Espresso with breakfast in Brienza…
Morning cappuccino in Nemi…
Delicious sweet pastry and cappuccino in our home town and family run bar in Vizzini, Sicily…

Friendly Friday

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