Where to Stay in Brienza – B&B La Voce Del Fiume…

Across the Campanian border and nestled within the hills of Italy’s southern region of Basilicata, lies the medieval town of Brienza. And at the foot of the historic Castle Caracciolo, resides a unique Bed and Breakfast where history and hospitality are two sides of the same coin.

The Entrance.

Passionate owner and lawyer Rocchina Addobbato, envisioned her childhood dream and converted her dream into a reality six years ago when she purchased the antiquity and transformed the rickety residence into the glory of “Il B&B La Voce del Fiume” (the voice of the river).

The building itself from the 1800’s is full of character and charm. La Dimora Storica di charme, The Historic Residence of Charm. It was even used as the location for two Italian films.

The old house as it was many years ago, still encompasses original floors, windows, doors and stone walls. But with the recent renovation, modern comforts such as automatic underfloor heating and sleek contemporary bathrooms, provide refined luxury while still stepping back in time. Perfect harmony.

Rooms are built around the original rock walls…
Original fireplaces and wood ovens.
Modern comforts…
Old World Charm.

At the base of the castle and adjacent to the river, the location of La Voce del Fiume is perfect for those weekend escapes and relaxation breaks. The surrounding Melandro valley encircles Brienza with spectacular natural beauty and greenery. The properties secluded gardens alongside the nearby river provide a peaceful surrounding. Enjoy the cooler mountain climate and escape the extreme heat in the Summer months or snuggle up by the wood fires in Winter and appreciate the occasional snow fall in Brienza.

And private garden areas,
The River Below

There is a total of seven rooms, each different in size and style, yet still incorporating the appeal of the olden days. Five rooms and two suites, each spacious and named after particular gemstones. Being built into the natural rock of the mountains, the rooms are spread over three levels. Each providing unique views of the village, valley and the river. Each room also has access to remote areas of the property where you can sit and enjoy the views with a glass of local wine. Shaded gazebos and flowered gardens serve great areas to reconnect with nature.

The Diamond Room
Antiques used in the rooms…
Kitchenette facilities…
Our family suite…
with adjoining room
Modern Bathrooms
Christmas Decorations
Evening Views

The cellar of the property otherwise known as the grotto, is a unique space. An optimal venue for intimate group bookings, business conferences or presentations. The natural grotto beneath the B&B is the perfect place to host special evenings of tasting typical regional produce when celebrating any special occasion. And if you like enchanting stories, legend tells the tale of a beautiful young woman, Bianca, who resided in the castle in the 1300’s. Her love for the finer things in life, resulted in a grand collection of rare jewels and immense treasure and her prized possessions were hidden in a secret room within the Castle Caracciolo unbeknown to others. One day while travelling to a seaside town in Calabria, she was suddenly kidnapped by pirates and taken to Africa, where a rich governor decided to keep her there all for himself! Her disappearance was a mystery and still to this day, the secret treasure has yet to be found. Though, from the grotto beneath the B&B, lies a secret tunnel to the ancient castle! Could this tunnel lead to the secret room of the beautiful Bianca of Castle Caracciolo?

Inside the grotto where the tunnel to the castle exists…

With traditional period furniture, original stone fireplaces and exposed natural rock walls, the balance of style at B&B La Voce del Fiume, is to be admired. Each room has its own character and story. Rocchina’s vision and implementation of renovations have maintained the respect and dignity of this period house. But her talent does not end there. As well as designing and managing the B&B, Rocchina prepares handmade olive oils soaps and bath products, which you will find in each of the residence’s bathrooms for personal use. These luxurious bath products can also be purchased and make great gift ideas as well.

Goodies for Sale.

Rocchina also prepares a delicious breakfast for her guests. Typical Italian sweet breakfast of homemade cakes, biscuits, jams (which are also sold at the reception area), yoghurt, fresh fruit juices and coffee. Savoury breakfasts can also be prepared with regional produce including cold meats, cheese and local farmed eggs. Made with nothing but love, breakfasts can be served inside the cosy dining area, the gardens, or outside on one of the numerous panoramic terraces of the property. Alternatively, the suites have full kitchens where you can prepare your own meals. Fresh fruit grown on the property are served at breakfast as well and traditional Basilicata cooking classes are also available on request. Master the techniques and methods of traditional Basilicata cuisine, and recipes that have been passed down through Rocchina’s family.

Ready for breakfast…
Antiques in the Dining Area.
Local produce…
Bon Appetito…
Homemade yoghurt and jam.
Breakfast on the deck.

Brienza is another beautiful undiscovered Italian town, just as Matera once was. Though it’s pastel shades with terracotta tiled roofs boast a more colourful village. Its authentic appeal and mysterious charm attract many and it is clearly understandable why it is one of the prettiest towns in Basilicata.

Take this exceptional opportunity to sleep in an authentic residence within a medieval village and listen to the gentle calling of the river of Brienza, you won’t regret it!

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Vico del Carmine, 7
85050 Brienza PZ
Tel. +39 0975 38 16 44
Cell. +39 339 2290630


Check the website here for some great offers and information on the surrounding area of Basilicata.

How to Get There

By Car

From Salerno and Reggio Calabria : take the A3 (SA-RC) exit Atena Lucana-direction SS 598 Fondo Val D’Agri-Exit Brienza

From Bari  : reach Salerno-Potenza E847 (SA-PZ) – exit towards Tito- take the SS 95-Brienza exit

From Taranto and Sibari  : take the SS 106 Ionica, SS 598 Val d’Agri, Brienza exit

By Train

Nearest stations ( Potenza, Salerno ) in combination with regional bus lines

By Bus

Buses with daily departures from Salerno, Naples, Rome, Policoro

Disclosure: Sponsored post in collaboration with B&B La Voce del Fiume. This post contains my own personal photos. All thoughts and opinions are my own, and I choose to write this honest review to inform you of my experience.

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      1. I tried to pin it but pinterest always makes it a difficult process for me. Thanks for that. It sounds like it is a trek to get there but definitely worth it. Did you stop there on the way to another destination?

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      2. Oh really. No good.
        It is one of those destinations where a car comes in handy but yes, well worth it.
        We stopped there and another town called Scilla in Calabria, which I will write about too later, on the way to Sicily from Rome.
        Do you have future plans for Italy?


      3. It is always a possible destination. I haven’t been down south in Italy. Greek islands, Portugal and the Balkans are still high on the agenda. And of course Japan!! Where is your next trip?

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      4. No not at all. We try to blend in as locals the best we can. And in all the times we have traveled to Italy, even in the big cities, we have never encountered any situations like that. But we have never done group tours either.


    1. Yes it is. And a gorgeous view of the town and valley from the dining area which made breakfast extra special!
      Bardolino, how wonderful. Do you have family or friends there?
      I love that region. We visited Sirmione on Lake Garda and Verona when we stayed in Valeggio sul Mincio. Just beautiful 😊

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