Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- Illumination…

Friendly Friday photo challenge hosted at The Snow Melts Somewhere and Something to Ponder About, delivers the theme “Illumination” this week.

“Beauty is the illumination of your soul”

– John O’Donohue

So light up your inner self and radiate your creativity as we are all beautiful…

These photos were taken on our family trip to Singapore at the breathtaking Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park, The Night Zoo and Sentosa Aquarium. All definite sights to see when visiting this fascinating country.

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16 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge- Illumination…

  1. Such fun to see Singapore through your lens once again, Lorelle! And to find you on this Friendly Friday Photo Challenge as well (recently discovered it myself on Amanda’s page).

    Hope you are well & enjoying the weekend!

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  2. Fabulous photos and I particularly like the fireworks!! I haven’t been into Singapore for a while, despite travelling through there to/from Australia, it looks like there is plenty of new things to see now.

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