Hotel de Sade, Saint Remy de Provence.

Uniting ancient antiquities with Renaissance charm

Hôtel de Sade houses an impressive collection of extraordinary findings, through 2,000 years of history, from the nearby archaeological site of Glanum.

The history of Hôtel de Sade dates back to the late fifteenth century, where Balthazar de Sade (1461-1518) built an extravagant Gothic, Renaissance-style mansion, which now bears his name, in the heart of Saint Remy de Provence. The mansion was built at the same site of other civic monuments such as ancient thermal baths, religious chapels, a medieval tower and a Tithe house (tax warehouse, where one-tenth of all agricultural produce was paid annually to support the local church).

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In 1929, Hôtel de Sade was classified as monument historique (national heritage site in France) by the State, and from 1954 became the main archive center for the collections of Glanum. The main aim, being to preserve the history of the relics of this ancient Roman city. These antiquities were then presented to the public in 1968. These well-preserved ancient sculptures, drawings, and coins have been analysed by scientists for the past fifty years.

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Hôtel de Sade is a great way to immerse yourself back in time. After visiting the archaeological site of Glanum, make sure you visit this historic building to learn about the process of their discoveries. Tours are also available which explain and display the stages of archaeological research and excavation. Follow the historic path of discovery as each chapter unfolds within Hôtel de Sade.



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Important Information:


1, rue du Parage
13210 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

Ph. : +33 (0)4 90 92 64 04


Open every day 9.30-13.00 / 14.00-18.00






You will find us on the road between Cavaillon and Nîmes, 21 km south of Avignon and 27 km north-east of Arles – Via the A9: Take Exit 24 then the D6086 (old RN86) towards Nîmes, the D999 to Tarascon, then the D99 to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence


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35 thoughts on “Hotel de Sade, Saint Remy de Provence.

  1. Beautiful photos!

    I love France for all that history. My parents were visiting recently, and they opted to visit truly ancient sites (old standing stones and tombs.) But there is sooo much to see in between!

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      1. Oh wow. We are doing a similar trip next Christmas. Munich, Austria and Prague. How funny. Great minds think alike 😄
        Can’t wait to read your stories and pick your brain! Will you visit Mercedes and BMW? My son can’t wait to see them either!!

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      2. Yes Lorelle! BMW plant assembly line is the first order of business hahaha! Porsche and Mercedes museums on other days hahaha. That’s all that we are doing in Munich oh plus Christmas markets hehehe the rest are snowboarding in Tirol and NYE in Vienna. Will be there almost 3 wks but I didn’t plan much this time around, will just follow the Christmas lights hehe. But I’m really really lucky that I booked the hotel early (Sept/Oct) in Vienna bec right now, the good affordable ones are all gone during NY’s eve.


      3. Hilton Vienna Plaza, the Hilton nearer to the town centre. The only one that can accomm my fam of four in one room hehehe…Did you mean you’re in Vienna this coming Christmas holiday or next year?😄


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