New Look and an Award!

via NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2017 WINNERS Announced

What a wonderful surprise to discover A Mindful Traveler had won the NepaliAustralian’s Best Travel Blog for 2017. Please check out the awards here.

Thank you so much to everyone that voted, all the other winners and to you, who read and support my work. Much appreciated.

Additionally, I have revamped the blog, and I do hope you like the new look!

Lorelle πŸ™‚

Explore, Live, Love

47 thoughts on “New Look and an Award!

  1. PS: Sorry to bomb your comment-feed but I am having problems with my own and I noticed your comment on my last post had gone into Spam, I approved it but it is no where to be seen. So thank you and I promise I am not ignoring you but rather delighted that you take the time to remark on my drivel!!! Have a super-lovely day x

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    1. Oh that’s strange! And no, you are not bombarding at all! I usually check my spam folder ever now and then too. These things have a mind of their own! Hope you are all well and the warmer Spring weather is around the corner! Xx

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      1. We are in the grip of le Moscou-Paris which basically means a big freeze that has come from Russia. Hopefully, it being March and all, we really can feel that Spring begins to Spring! Of course you are opposite so I hope the weather is hanging on for a fine and long Autumn down your way! Xx

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      2. Yes, I heard and saw it was snowing in Rome. David’s Zia sent some beautiful pics of snow capped trees in her street!
        The weather here is still fine. Beautiful sunny days, so I’m feeling very blessed indeed. Xx

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      3. The irony is that we have had hardly any snow in the city (known by all as the Capital of or Gateway to The Alps) – of course the mountains are covered and we are heading 6 hours West today to my renovation house and I expect there will be a few slow moments on the way because it is a very mountainous drive. Soak up that sunshine …. there is no better tonic for the soul πŸ™‚ xx

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