A Love Letter to Italy…

#DolceVitaBloggers Linkup – #3 February 2018 – A Love Letter To Italy


My Dearest Italia,

  It’s with fondest memories I write this letter to you. With our love story beginning almost twenty years ago now, our passion has strengthened and intensified. I adore each region of you. North and south, each so exclusive and alluring, combining special memories and moments which I hold close to my heart.  From the exceptional beauty of Venice, where your panoramic views took my breath away, to the rugged, yet rustic countryside of our family’s hometown in Sicily.

  I remember clearly, first laying eyes on your city of love. Yes, fair Verona, where we were blessed with the opportunity to relive the magical story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Firstly, visiting the tomb of Juliet, and then Juliet’s family home. We were determined to autograph our names and initials, on the wall of love, amongst the millions of other lover’s imprints. I recall finding a step to sit on, in the crowd infested courtyard of Juliet’s house. Filled with a plethora of tourists, eagerly waiting to touch and have their photographs taken with the bronze statue of the young Capulet. Observing the chaotic surroundings, I glanced up towards the infamous balcony, where Juliet stood as her star struck lover Romeo, stood below in the middle of the courtyard and confessed his undying love to his beloved. To my surprise, the balcony was empty! For a minute it was completely free from excited tourists posing for photos. I took my chance, and reached for my camera to capture a true moment in time. Through the lens, I pictured sweet Juliet, star gazing, patiently waiting for her one true love. With an ever-slight whisper through the air, I gently hear, “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?”

  This is merely a single part of you Italia, and there are so many more adoring memories I will cherish forever. Each visit reaffirming my love for you, and strengthening our special bond.

  It is with this affection, I will always love you and hold you near and dear to my heart, and I sincerely await the day we will be reunited once again.

                                                       Forever Yours

                                                                   A Mindful Traveller



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96 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Italy…

  1. Bella Italia so bewitching, so captivating …. your love letter is exquisite, your love unswaying and everlasting and it touches the part of my heart she nestles in uninterrupted xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS! I just adore Verona so I really liked your re-telling of this experience. Felt like I was right there with you. P.S. Thanks for creating the beautiful PIN-able image. Makes it so much easier to share and I already added it to my Pinterest!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have wanted to go to Italy for so long now its crazy. Yet I have not stepped onto her fair shores. Its funny I was just looking at some tours to Italy. Will have to wait till 2021 perhaps 2020. Perhaps Im leaving her to last.

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  4. Aha the romantic part of you is showing my friend. Love it! Love the letter too! I remember your posts on Italy, they were all full of love and adoration of the place (and food hehe). I wish we could visit too someday. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That is an incredible panoramic capture, Lorelle! Simply stunning; I can only imagine how breath-taking it would be to actually be standing right there, taking it all in.

    My husband and I planned a month-long driving vacation through Italy about 20 years ago – we never took it as I got pregnant with our First Child. Your Letter has rekindled the desire to visit; it will have to go back onto our Travel List.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. oh, this is so wonderfully written! I mean Italy is no hidden gem and it’s on every traveler’s list but let’s say it was a hidden gem and this post was the first place I heard of it, it would still be on my travel list.
    I love how you describe it with so much warmth. 🙂

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  7. Ciao Lorelle! Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your love letter to Italy! I agree, from North to South each region is special and lovable. I love Verona as well and love how you described the scene there!

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  8. Sorry for commenting only now, I wanted to read the letters “con calma” 😉

    Aww, I love that you chose to write a love letter to Italy, mentioning such a romantic city as Verona! You were lucky indeed to be able to take a picture of an empty balcony, haha ;D

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  9. Italy is one of the most famous city around the world. Italy is my favorite city there have many interesting think Every travel Want to go there. I am also want to go there can you give me some tips about traveling in there.

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