A Paddington Adventure in London…

“Planning a holiday – especially a holiday abroad – was much more complicated than he had imagined, and he decided the only thing to do was to consult his friend Mr Gruber on the subject.”   

 from Paddington Abroad – Michael Bond

In a bustling train station in the middle of London, we were on an adventure, in search for the Paddington Bear Store! My children eagerly tracing the steps of a marmalade eating, cute and cuddly bear who originated from “Darkest Peru” to settle into the ever vibrant city of London!

What’s not to love about Paddington Bear and his classical tale for both the young and old!

Accordingly, whilst in London, a visit to The Paddington Bear Store at Paddington Station was essential. It’s the only shop in the world entirely devoted to Paddington merchandise. We were welcomed by the giant statue of Paddington himself, as he raised his hat to greet us, and were mesmorised by the endless amount of books, gifts and the huge range of bears in all shapes and sizes, available for sale. Paddington Bear fans beware, how can you resist leaving without one of these!!!!

Paddington 6





Follow the trail…

This brochure of free activities available in store, provide three different adventure trails that you can easily follow, with the help of Paddington’s footsteps, around the local area.

Paddington 3




So why not grab a brochure, put your walking shoes on, and discover a Paddington adventure in London.

Paddington 4


“Please look after this Bear. Thank you “

      The note on Paddington’s Coat, from Paddington Bear – Michael Bond


The Paddington Bear Shop is open from Monday to Friday 7.30am to 7.30pm Saturday to Sunday 9.00am to 7.00pm and is located at The Lawn at Paddington Station London.

Adventure trails are free of charge

For more information on trails, things to do and events in Paddington click here.



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30 thoughts on “A Paddington Adventure in London…

  1. When not actually living in London, my terminal when visiting was always Paddington. My relationship to the Bear goes back as far as I can remember and it is wonderful that one can now shop Paddington as well as read the books. I am a slave to Michael Bond and I am thrilled that you had such a wonderful time stalking the most wonderful of bears

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  2. Oh my word, Paddington is one of my favourite things about London!! I always have to stop and see the statue (which sadly seems to migrate around the station a bit). I have the most adorable Paddington keychain and tote bag from that shop 😊 One day I will eventually get my duffle coat and rain hat! Thank you for sharing this, it has made my weekend ☺

    Liked by 1 person

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