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I’m a little late on this one, as Christmas has just passed, but with all the busy festive activities, I would like to stop and thank food blogger Vero from With Colours and Canito in the Kitchen for nominating me in the Christmas Tag.

Wife and mother, Vero has a vibrant and captivating food blog where her wonderful home cooked dishes are an inspiration for all. Make sure you drop by her blog for some mouthwatering recipes.

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The Christmas Tag


The rules:

  • Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog √
  • Add the picture in your blog √
  • Copy these rules into your post √
  • Add a link to this original post √ (
  • Answer the 10 questions (you can add extra Christmas – related questions if you want) √
  • Tag at least 3 other bloggers with links to their blogs √
  • Have fun! √

The Questions:

  1. What´s your favourite thing about Christmas?
  2. What´s your favourite Christmas memory?
  3. Are there special traditions your family has for Christmas?
  4. What´s your Christmas wish? (can be personal or general)
  5. What´s your favourite Christmas dish?
  6. What´s your favourite Christmas decoration?
  7. What´s your favourite Christmas song?
  8. Where do you usually celebrate Christmas?
  9. What does the “Christmas spirit” mean to you?
  10. Who out of anybody in the world would you want to spend your Christmas with?

My Answers: 

  1. My favourite thing about Christmas is being with my family on such a special day. 🙂
  2. My favourite memory would be going to midnight Mass when we very young, and coming home at 1am and then eating traditional Sri Lankan cakes and breads early morning. We were never allowed to stay up this late usually so this was always a special treat!
  3. My parents have passed on the traditional Sri Lankan Cakes and breads recipes at this time of year. So we always have Fruit Christmas cake, Love Cake and Breudher (a Dutch influenced cake)
  4. My Christmas wishes are always good health for my family and I. That is most important!  🙂
  5. My mother in law is Sicilian and she undoubtedly makes the best lasagne in this world. So every Christmas day dinner when we spend it with her and my husband’s family we always have lasagne and that’s my favourite.
  6. I love my Christmas tree. It is 20 years old, but my favourite. Each year I like to buy a special decoration or bauble for it. The decorations are usually red and gold, and if we have travelled overseas, I like to buy an ornament when on holidays to add to my collection if I find any! 🙂
  7. My favourite song is “Last Christmas” by George Michael. Gets me every time, RIP George. ❤
  8. Always with family.
  9. The Christmas spirit is being with your loved ones and giving thanks for what we have here on Earth.
  10. Just my family and friends.

And who are my nominees for Christmas Tag…

I would like to nominate anyone who reads this post and would like to participate, or you can simply answer a few questions about your Christmas traditions in the comments below.



Merry Christmas to you all.

Thank you for your support over the past six months and here’s to a wonderful 2018 ❤



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18 thoughts on “The Christmas Tag…

  1. Its so sweet that you have certain traditions specific to your family for christmas. I’ve never heard of having lasagne on christmas but thats such a cool dinner to have ! 🙂 Merry Christmas hope you’ve had a great one! xxx

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  2. Wish I had seen this tag before the holidays – it would have been such fun. Remind me next year, ‘kay?! Lasagne for Christmas dinner – how dreamy! Our tree is turning 12 this year and we too, like to decorate it with ornaments from our travels – such magical memories! Hope you had the happiest of holidays and that 2018 is your best year yet!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay so I am here quite late but hey Christmas lives in the heart, right? Your post appealed to that spirit inside me. I missed decorating our tree this time and also the roasts and cakes that we make at home but I guess you have got to give some to get some. Your traditions sound lovely as does breudher, the 20-year-old Christmas tree and lasagne. Warm and fuzzy! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely post! I enjoyed reading your answers 🙂 My family and I have used the same fake tree my whole life, and although one can in some places see just how old it is, I love it all the same. Getting new ornaments every now and then to hang on it is so much fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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