Singapore Street Art…

A collection of Street Art photos, discovered and taken on our travels in Singapore…

Express yourself…











street art 1


Which was your favourite?


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Powerful messages and self expression through street art…

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81 thoughts on “Singapore Street Art…

      1. Got the pingback – yea! I’ll share this in my update for this Friday’s Forgiving Fridays post. ❤ It's an honor.

        Lorelle, I love what you write: "Love the world we live in and appreciate what we are surrounded by." You give this gift to us with your blog!! Blessings, Debbie 🙂

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  1. I think the periodic table is my favorite. These are really amazing. So glad you captured them and shared them. It’s a simple thing to know that art happens the world over, and yet to see it brings a different level of awareness. It becomes real–human. The more we share art, the more human we all become.

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  2. The last thing I think about seeing while in Singapore is street art. I have always heard it’s so clean and pristine. Cool to see there is a bit of character and grime to the city.

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  3. The more I see street art, the more I become fascinated by its free spirit and creativity. Interestingly, street art has become quite popular in recent years and about time…these artists deserve all the credit they can get.

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  4. wow I was in Singapore just a month ago but I must have missed all of them! I really like the one with fresh fruits lab! Do you know whats behind it? Is it some smoothie place or some market? Great photos!


  5. Street art around the world is fascinating. Singapore’s street art is no different. A mirror to the mores and times of the place and the people. All of them are works of art and a tribute to the known and unknown artist. My favourite here is that of the face of the old man. Looks so poignant.

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