From one blogger to another…

On a day where I was frantically busy with work and last minute packing before we were to leave for our Singapore holiday, I unexpectedly received this heartwarming postcard from the lovely Ishita from Italophilia.

To stop and enjoy the moment when reading her personal and special message, was engaging. A few minutes out of my crazy day to enjoy the “old world charm” (as Ishita would say…) of reading a hand written postcard, was exactly what I needed!

So thank you my friend. Thank you for your support and your friendship and thank you for the lovely postcard and insight about the Amber Fort, Jaipur, India. I hope one day to visit your beautiful country too.  #Italophiliapostcards

You can read Ishita’s post on postcards here.


Ishita Postcard 2


Extremely grateful for making such wonderful connections through my blog.

Love the world we live in and appreciate the little things  @ #Forgiving Friday

Read more here…







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42 thoughts on “From one blogger to another…

  1. Great message. There is nothing better than getting a “real” postcard in the post. That means a lot of thought went into picking the postcard, buying the stamp, writing the message. So much easier to just send a quick email, right! She’s a true friend. 🙂

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  2. It is lovely receiving something through the post and two bloggers have been kind enough to send me cards. Both came at the most opportune moments when I needed a little lift … it was as though there was ethereal kismet at work 🙂 xx

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  3. What a wonderful idea this is. I love the idea of getting postcards, in fact I got one from my sister last week who’s in Spain at the moment. Lovely post Lorelle. Bloggers connecting, nothing better. 🙂

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  4. Lorelle I completely love this. What a beautiful example of appreciating loving connection … the little things that bring such richness in life. So glad you paused to be grateful & to receive it.

    Have a wonderful time in Singapore! I’ll share your post in my next Forgiving Fridays. So many blessings — Debbie

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